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Multicolored Meals Lead To Spectacular Ice Hockey Workouts

November 30th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

Kids’ vegetables fights are a rather traditional part of today’s lifestyle. While parents may end up screaming and running after their toddlers to get them to eat some nutritious produce, they actually can’t succeed unless and until they change their approach. The moment kids get to know the significance of fruits and vegetables to stay fit and healthy, they actually start eating them.

It may sound weird, but adults also raise their brows on the sight of vegetable salad during dinner. It happens due to childhood hatred, and thus they never give it a try. However, an athlete just can’t afford to elongate this fight. For an ice hockey player and their workouts, it is extremely important to include foods in their daily diet that are rich in macronutrients. More »

Interval Cardio Training For Ice Hockey Workouts

November 29th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Cardio

Ice hockey can be defined as a sport of dynamic movements and speed changes. Players skate, dodge, stop, and then start again to achieve their targets. Amidst all these movements, one thing that remains constant is the player’s continuously increasing heart rate. Ice hockey workouts keep the heart rate up because of the enduring activities required. Throughout the match, players can actually feel their heart beating.

The sport is bursting with aerobic and anaerobic activities. Therefore, players must train themselves through cardio related activities. Any activity or sport that can help them make their hearts stronger is of great importance. There are loads of cardio training activities that are not only beneficial for the heart, but also for the lungs and legs. For an ice hockey player, explosive and conditioned legs are more important than anything else. More »

Your Diet Depends On Weight And Time

November 28th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

For every plan and strategy that we design pertaining to our daily activities and/or future prospects, there are certain factors that we base our plans and strategies on. The same goes for a diet plan. The energy and power that a player exhibits in the rink is linked with both the passion for the game and internal body strength.

While an ice hockey player may dream of huge fan-following, he/she can only achieve this through a matching performance. Passion for the game alone cannot do as much as when it is coupled with the capability to perform. Ice hockey workouts demand lots of energy that can only be achieved through a proper diet based on micro and macronutrients. More »