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Build Power Off-Season To Excel In-Season

November 26th, 2012 Posted in Strength Training

Ice hockey is one of those games that require great stamina and tremendous limb power. The players are supposed to exert a lot of force through their lower bodies in order to dodge the opponents and reach the goal. Moreover, since ice rinks are slippery; the need of limb power and agility is increased even more.

Athletes exert pressure mostly through their legs and lower abdominal part. This is the reason why they have to perform loads of exercises to ensure dynamic movements throughout the game. Likewise, core muscles must be very strong and responsive to quick movements. You don’t really have time to think and plan; it has to be an automatic process when you are in the competition. Even though the game cannot be played all year, the continuity of weight training still cannot be ignored. Ice hockey workouts require balance and vigor that can only be achieved if you keep exercising.

Ice hockey players are usually so excited in-season that they can actually spend full days toning their muscles and building the right stature to support game movements. However, it is possible to experience a decrease in motivation levels during off-season. While one may think he/she can easily overcome the deficiencies again when the season is back, in reality it is difficult.

Sports and athletics demand long-term commitment. The inconsistent attitude of the player cannot win him/her the title of best performer. Instead, it is persistence in training and exercising that is necessary. Off-season exercises like hamstring curl, hammer curl, seated row, bench presses, and chin-ups are highly recommended for ice hockey players.

Prior to commencing any weight training or body building exercise, you must assess yourself physically. Some exercises such as the cardio exercises are not advised if you have recently recovered from an injury or have been inactive for a while. Instead, players need to assess their strengths and weaknesses and then pick a few exercises to keep themselves fit and healthy both on-season and off-season.

An athlete wants to be at his/her peak at the start of on-ice season. This is the time when the players must be at the peak of their physical and mental strength so that they can meet and exceed their own set standards regarding ice hockey workouts. Therefore, you must plan accordingly and start weight training at the right time.
Amateur players and beginners need to be highly consistent in weight training and muscle building because inconsistency may result in lost stamina during the game. On-season workouts and ice hockey drills are difficult enough to cause breathlessness. Therefore, in order to maintain performance, players must not sit idle when not active on the rink.

Off-season training and exercising is vital for two reasons: to recover from already consumed strength and injuries if any and to get ready for the next season. While weight training will help you gather energy for successive games, it will also keep you internally motivated for the game.

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