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Watch Your Diet Before and After Ice Hockey Workouts

November 18th, 2012 Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

For an athlete, a healthy diet is just as imperative as the regular exercises he/she is supposed to undergo. Hockey players are also included in that tier because of the workouts they perform. Their training and exercises fall in the category of anaerobic activities and it clearly indicates the amount of energy and stamina they must possess in order to perform up to the mark.

Right from the very first day you decide to go for a workout till the time you reach the advanced stages of the sport, you have to be highly cautious about your diet. The three most important items are fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, also known as carbs, are so critical to a hockey player’s performance that experts recommend their intake to amount for more than 50% of the daily diet.

In the absence of carbs, the energy required by the body is produced either from fats or body muscles. Consequently, the person’s health is negatively affected because there is no intake but only consumption. If you keep exercising without incorporating a certain amount of macronutrients in your meals, energy will be derived from your muscles rather than what you eat. A meal rich in carbohydrates is recommended to a hockey player at least a couple of hours before a workout. They can opt for bread, bun, cake, pasta, rice, muffins, potatoes (baked), fruits, vegetables, juices, etc.

Moving forward, the inclusion of proteins is necessary in every meal. They keep you on the go so that you can perform great in each successive workout. Whatever you eat provides you the energy to play on-ice. Once tired, a player’s body requires even more intake of recommended macronutrients. Therefore, experts recommend several servings of carbs and proteins every day.

Proteins can be acquired from both red meat (beef) and white meat (chicken and fish). You can make yourself a delicious steak, but essentially not at the cost of losing the essential nutrients found in the meat. Beans, nuts, cheese, and milk are also rich in protein. Several athletes love protein shakes not only because of their amazing taste, but because the performance boost they provide.

Being a hockey player, whenever you are doing drills, make sure you drink lots of water. Liquids are indispensable to keep you physically active and mentally alert. Your workout may cause dehydration because of how much you are sweating. Therefore, it is highly recommended to drink water and juice even before you feel thirsty. Except for the quantity of water you drink during your training session, the recommended water intake is at least a couple of liters a day.

For ice hockey players, regular eating habits are not recommended. Instead, these healthy eating and drinking patterns are advised. Avoid foods that are good to taste but fail to provide nutrients. Likewise, avoid drinks that contain caffeine. If you follow an expert’s diet plan, you are highly likely to see the results on the ice.


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