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What Does Off-Ice Conditioning Do To Your Ice Hockey Workouts?

November 18th, 2012 Posted in Cardio, Strength Training

No matter how much ice hockey players pretend to have spent time on rehabilitation and further training during off-season, the trainer is clever enough to judge that the players have primarily focused on socialization, entertainment, and hang-outs. While it may be too tempting for the players to spend their hard-earned money lavishly on what pleases them, they must not lose sight of keeping abreast game related activities.

You think that finally, fall season is over and you can now do what you like. For instance, relaxing and resting all day long, eating junk food, not following workouts regularly, etc. However, being an athlete, this is a time that you must not take lightly. This is because the amount of hard work you put in during off-season will determine your performance during your season.

Off-season conditioning is beneficial in various aspects. The energy and power you lose during in-season can now be regained. Eat well and exercise regularly. Besides, you also need rest to recover from injuries, if any. However, the most constructive thing you can do in this duration is to uncover your hidden potential. Try distinct exercises and activities to check your performance and keep track of it. You may come across some special capabilities you did not know of before.

One way you can increase your motivation for off-ice training is by going to the gym. There you will find all the equipment available at a single place and where everybody is working hard to stay fit and healthy. The overall ambiance will provoke the motivation in you to pull hard for improved stature, core strength, stamina, etc. Moreover, socialization and learning go hand in hand at the gym.

You can learn new exercises, tips and tricks, and get to know other people who share your love for sports. This off-season conditioning will keep you on the go, and by the time you proceed towards your season you will be at your peak. On the other hand, if you stop exercising and following workouts, chances are that you will lose the previously gained stamina and strength that is not easily attained.

The off-season activities to prepare for ice hockey training need not be necessarily associated with ice hockey. Instead, you can opt for any aerobic and anaerobic exercise in order to stay away from inactivity. Some players opt for cycling and swimming, others love hiking and skate boarding. It actually depends on your own preference. As long as the activity enhances your muscle and core strength, it’s a good option to go for.

Furthermore, weightlifting workouts during off-season should be performed a couple of days per week. This way you will not stress yourself out with tough workouts. You will also increase muscle flexibility and toning. The biggest advantage of continuing training and workouts off-season is that you don’t have to start from scratch again at the start the season. Consequently, you will be in a position to exercise and have fun simultaneously. A 60-70% training plan will give you the opportunity to keep looking fit and have fun too.

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