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Can Supplements Help with Your Ice Hockey Workouts?

December 5th, 2012 Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

The success of marketing campaigns is determined by the volume of sales they generate. It means that if customers feel like buying protein supplements after watching the TV commercials, the advertisers will be more than happy. They promote the idea that supplements will help athletes build muscles and strength much quicker than ice hockey workouts and training can.

The general misconception regarding protein supplements is that they help regain strength and muscle power at the end of vigorous workout sessions. Advertisements attempt to make athletes believe that training sessions cause protein deficiency and they really need supplements to overcome all the nutrients lost during a workout session.

Such a mass promotion of the above stated marketing gimmicks actually generates sales. Athletes start looking for the available brands and seek expert guidance regarding the most reliable brand of supplements available in the market. Protein supplements are basically found in three forms, i.e. in the form of powders, shakes, and bars.

However, whether they work or not is another story. Experts claim that protein supplements cannot affect an athlete’s physique, power, or strength the same way the oral food intake can. While there are loads of naturally produced nutritious food items available, artificially produced protein supplements can only give you mental satisfaction and not the actual boost of energy.

These supplements were originally meant for people other than athletes. Those suffering from incurable diseases usually rely on the intake of supplements. It happens primarily because the patients are not in a position to eat food items well, and thus they are left with no other option than to rely on medication. Supplements are thus beneficial for such patients and not everybody alike.

Those who love working out should definitely focus on their diet. A healthy diet composed of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is highly recommended for athletes. Since they go through extensive and strenuous workout sessions every other day, proper food bursting with macronutrients becomes necessary for them.

It is nothing but misconception that supplements are necessary for proper build-up and muscle toning. Instead, it is about following the expert recommended diet that can make a difference. While supplements are good enough to bring about temporary changes, proper food intake is more beneficial in the long run. It benefits athletes in several aspects. They help gain strength, stature, stronger muscles and tissues, the ability to cope up with stress and fatigue, the capability to recover from muscle tear or soreness, and much more.

There exists no evidence that can prove that protein supplements are more effective than the ones found naturally in several food items like milk, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, yogurt, and others. Food itself has so many nutrients that a capsule alone can never provide. If an athlete can manage a proper protein and carb diet along with adequate workout, there is no doubt he can build remarkable strength.

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