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Nutrition for Before, During, And After Ice Hockey Workouts

December 18th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

Can you operate a laptop without a charged battery? Drive a car without fuel? Or download apps without the internet? If the answer to these three questions is a definitive ‘No’, then surely the answer to the fourth question will also be a ‘No’, i.e. can an ice hockey player deliver outstanding performance without proper food intake?

Food and nutrition are as important for an athlete as a battery is for a laptop, fuel for a car, and the internet for downloading. Food provides the ingredients necessary for remarkable on-ice performance. Therefore, anyone who is training at an elite level can do so for an extended period of time only when the training and exercises are adequately backed with food rich in macronutrients. More »

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Your Diet Depends On Weight And Time

November 28th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

For every plan and strategy that we design pertaining to our daily activities and/or future prospects, there are certain factors that we base our plans and strategies on. The same goes for a diet plan. The energy and power that a player exhibits in the rink is linked with both the passion for the game and internal body strength.

While an ice hockey player may dream of huge fan-following, he/she can only achieve this through a matching performance. Passion for the game alone cannot do as much as when it is coupled with the capability to perform. Ice hockey workouts demand lots of energy that can only be achieved through a proper diet based on micro and macronutrients. More »