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Supplements And Ice Hockey Workouts – The Other Side Of The Picture

November 18th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Nutrition/Supplements

Beginners and amateur players are usually very excited about their ice hockey workouts. The sport that is loved by masses is indeed painstaking enough to cause fatigue and stress in the initial training sessions. This is the reason why trainers and coaches begin with easygoing exercises and then move towards advanced training methods slowly and gradually.

Ice hockey training involves several aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Such a massive workout increases hunger and thirst. Tiring workout sessions may cause dehydration. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink water, fruit juices, and sports drinks frequently, even before you actually start feeling thirsty. On the other hand is hunger, you may want to eat a lot in the beginning of your training session as you digest your meals quickly. More »

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